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Rose & Jones is one of Australia’s only commercial buyer’s agencies capable of managing long-standing commercial property portfolios and family trusts. Our detailed due-diligence process, extensive network of connections and exceptional negotiation skills allow us to take complete advantage of growth opportunities, while our end-to-end management service

While we’re committed to securing exceptional deals, we know the integrity of the journey is just as important as the goals we’re working towards. It’s an approach that informs our transparent communication, proactive engagement and ultimately ensures our clients have an unmatched experience.




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The Rose & Jones approach is synonymous with forward-thinking.


We pride ourselves on never rushing the advocacy process.

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We have long-standing network of connections and professional relationships across the industry.

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The commercial real estate landscape is inherently unique, bringing unique complexities, considerations and requirements. While additional due-diligence and processes are involved, the space does bring unique opportunities and the potential to generate exceptional yield. With a commercial buyer’s agent guiding you through the journey, you can capitalise on the prospect with complete peace of mind.


The Rose & Jones approach is synonymous with forward-thinking. As many commercial investments are made for long-term gain, our professionals support clients to make decisions that generate immediate benefit and ongoing growth in equal measure.


We pride ourselves on never rushing the advocacy process. Rather than seeking out the quickest and easiest opportunities, we take the time, consideration and effort to scour the market and negotiate the offering until we have the complete peace of mind that we are presenting the best possible pathways forward.

Exclusive Opportunities

Our long-standing network of connections and professional relationships across the industry ensure our clients are well-positioned to explore best-in-class listings before the general public. These affiliations also put our community in good-stead for fair and transparent negotiations.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to buying commercial property. Whether you are a passive or active investor, strategic buyer, looking for office or retail space, in every instance, due diligence is critical and some key conditions must be met. The attractive rewards of buying well are of course reflective of the associated risks.

The opportunity to buy within this sector is not only appealing to the investor but also the owner-occupier for whom the long-term benefits of owning should be notably more profitable than leasing.

The key considerations in buying commercial property are:

1 Location: It is important to understand local business trends and key demographics. Is there sufficient access to end-users and suppliers – and is the local infrastructure supportive of your endeavours.

2 Knowing the physical condition of the property is fundamental in determining the right purchase price.

3 Having clarity around the duration of leases is valuable in calculating what proportion of rental income is secured for what period of time and whether lease terms may affect any plans you might have for further development.

4 The quality of existing tenants must be established to offer confidence that rents are being paid timeously.

5 Have a clear understanding of zoning implications and the lawful uses for a particular property.

6 In many cases there are restrictions on what modifications can/can’t be made to a property. A full understanding of any limitations in this area is fundamental.

7 What are the availabilities of support services like? Seemingly obvious factors such as availability of parking and building security impact demand and in turn values.

8 Litigation on the property – Make sure that the property is unencumbered by any past or ongoing litigation.

9 Be aware of any ongoing hidden costs associated with the running or maintenance of the property.

Buying commercial property is a complex undertaking and the information above represents only a portion of the considerations that must be taken into account. As commercial buyers’ agents, we are committed to representing you in every aspect of this complex yet rewarding process.

Selling a commercial property can be a complex undertaking, requiring a significant investment of time, energy and capital – and can present complicated accounting and legal considerations.

An enormous market of service providers and advice adds to the complexity, so from time to time, our clients call upon us to provide professional advice prior to and even through the sales process.

Unlike the selling agent, as commercial buyers’ agents, our fee structure is not dependent upon the sale of the property, which means our advice is 100% focused on helping you, the vendor, to achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress.

Our extensive experience through the buying process and vast network of local real estate professionals means we can offer our clients a unique and valuable perspective into the optimal processes, sales and media strategies as well as the best suited service providers, from real estate agents through to property lawyers, specialist accounting services, valuers and inspectors.

So, if you are considering the sale of a property and would like a professional, an experienced and passionate team of commercial buyers’ agents to ensure a smooth and successful transaction, we are happy to position ourselves at your side to help you make the best possible decision at every stage.

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