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Shakira Martin
Business Manager

A background in graphic design has given Shakira an innate ability to envision the potential of a property, an acute attention to detail and an understanding of the importance of process in delivering superior outcomes. Having found her vocation, Shakira is committed to providing a stress-free experience for our clients.

Prior to joining the Buyer’s Agent team, Shakira worked in Property Management – giving her a rounded experience of our service offering, a deep understanding of the importance of matching the right tenant to each property and the critical discipline of asset selection to manage risk and deliver to expectations.

Shakira’s easy going nature, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and attention to detail assures our clients of the proper and timely execution of their bespoke property strategy within our proprietary process.

She prides herself on delivering the right property at the right time for the right price and on the right terms – and is delighted to assist Byron and the team at Rose & Jones in delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

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