What is a Buyer’s Agent – and why you need one

What is a Property Buyer’s Agent?

Whether you’re buying your 1st or your 50th property, you need an asset that will keep pace with the market or outperform it. It’s essentially a Buyer’s Agent’s job to find these opportunities for you & seize them.

Leveraging their market knowledge & existing relationships, they’re also able to give you access to properties that aren’t yet advertised for sale. Plus, first-pick of the ones that are. This means you get greater visibility over the property market at the time of your purchase.

Once you’ve found the one you want, your Buyer’s Agent makes sure that you’re the one who buys it, every time.

In some cases, they can help you buy a property even if you’re offering less money than someone else.


Buyers Agents spend all of their time building & perfecting purchasing strategies that get results.

When you spend all of your time doing something, you get pretty good at it.

So, Why do you need one?

Even if you are prepared to spend all of your free time on buying your home, it’s still not likely you’ll be able to build the experience & knowledge base that a Buyer’s Agent already has.

They already know the market you’re buying into; they already have relationships with the selling agents in the area. The time you’d spend acquiring all of this, they’d spend narrowing your search & finding you the best possible opportunity for your budget.

A good Buyer’s Agent will also provide an in depth value analysis on each property you consider – giving you real insights into the market value of each property and it’s potential growth. This way, you have a solid strategy for your budget and needs that is based on long-standing experience and up-to-date research.

Buyers who buy with the assistance of an experienced professional are able to have a clear direction on their purchase. They waste less time in the market, know exactly what their budget can achieve, are less likely to compromise on what they want and never over-pay for their property.

Using a Buyer’s Agent for your property purchase will save you time and money. Guaranteed.

Besides saving you time and money, they’ll get you access to properties you may not otherwise have known about. This means having the opportunity to secure a better-quality home than you could have found on your own.

You get a better property – for a better price. Everyone’s happy.

It just makes financial sense (and all other types of sense)

We think that buying a home or an investment property should be an enjoyable process. It should be an experience that educates you, empowers you & helps you to make better decisions.

As one of the biggest purchases you can make, it’s vitally important that any decision around buying property is one that is well-informed, carefully planned & well-executed.

Too many times we’ve heard stories of people overpaying for their homes & starting off on the back foot. Stories of couples and families who’ve spent every weekend for a year (or more) attending open homes and Auctions and still missing out.

It’s just not necessary.

Everyone can and should buy all of their properties with the support & guidance of an experienced professional.

Using a Buyer’s Agent means you aren’t taking any risks with your biggest asset. It means acting responsibly & taking measures to ensure you’re buying quality without ever overpaying.

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