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Byron Bay Real Estate Guide

An ideal location for a getaway, a holiday, or a quieter life with its idyllic coastal lifestyle, Byron Bay has something for everyone. From pristine beaches to lush hinterland, and a vibrant community, Byron Bay real estate includes a range of properties from beachfront homes to hinterland retreats, and centrally located apartments. Whether you’re looking to move inter-state in search of a quieter life, looking for a laidback holiday home to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, or to diversify your portfolio with Byron Bay real estate, there are plenty of options. 

Learn more about the property prices of Byron Bay real estate, as well as the range of properties available in the area, from homes to holiday houses and investment opportunities.


Prices Of Byron Bay Properties

Since the start of the year, house prices in Byron Bay have fallen by 11%, reducing the median by $250,000. The annual change is even greater, dropping $270,000 from $1,640,000 to $1,370,000. Whilst units have fared slightly better, they too have experienced a drop, falling 8.5% in the past 12 months. Towns in regional Australia that are located close to the beach are seeing price declines that provide a more affordable entry point for all of those who are looking to get involved in Byron Bay real estate, from prospective homeowners looking to purchase to those who are looking to find a holiday home, as well as investors who are looking to take advantage of the desirable location.

Types Of Byron Bay Real Estate

From houses to holiday homes and investment properties, here is what home buyers and investors need to know about Byron Bay real estate.


Byron Bay real estate appeals to a range of prospective buyers, whether it’s locals to the region, residents of Brisbane or the Gold Coast who need the proximity of larger cities, or those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle by moving interstate. The town’s residential real estate includes a variety of housing options, from compact apartments to spacious family homes, and although the housing market experienced a fall over the last 12 months, those who are looking for a permanent home can find it in Byron Bay. With proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it offers a more relaxed lifestyle without sacrificing accessibility. Commutable distances and the town’s community-oriented atmosphere make it an appealing option for individuals or families looking to relocate.

Holiday Homes


Those who are looking for a holiday home can find it in Byron Bay, whether it’s a house by the beach, a retreat in the Hinterlands, or an apartment in town. Thanks to its proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, its accessibility makes it the perfect getaway without having to travel too far. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer stay, holiday homes in Byron Bay are perfect for those who are a short drive away, or a flight away. Whilst there have been crackdowns on short-term rental properties, it remains a viable option for some who are looking to offset some of the cost of their holiday home.


Investment Properties


The crackdowns on short-term rental properties by local councils and the NSW government are a means to address the tight rental market, investors need to be wary, but not worried. Conducting additional due diligence is always a good idea, and investors may benefit from exploring different types of investment properties in Byron Bay. Instead of focusing on short-term rentals, investors may look towards longer-term rentals. Similar to trends across the country, Byron Bay is also growing, presenting investors with attractive opportunities. Median rent per week for a house is $1,250 per week, up 12.4% year on year, and units are not far behind at $800 a week. Both houses and units are not available for long on the market, and this could prove attractive for investors looking to diversify the location of their portfolio. 

Additionally, thanks to the region’s tourism, commercial properties could also prove an attractive option for investors. With a range of property types available in the area, investors could also look to diversify the type of their portfolio, too.


Whether you’re looking to move permanently, visit frequently, or invest, Byron Bay real estate includes a wide variety of properties to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a buyer’s agent Byron Bay, Rose & Jones can help. With 25 years of experience in the region, whether you’re looking for a permanent home, a holiday house, or an investment property we can ensure you find the property you are looking for with the right terms, and the right price, get in touch with our team now. 

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Rose & Jones has been helping clients find and purchase properties in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Northern Rivers since 1998. A renowned property buyers agency across residential, commercial and industrial sectors, every one of our property experts meets our high standards, so you won’t have to compromise yours. With access to a wide network of off-market properties, our team can help you find the perfect property. Also offering property management services and investment advice, make Rose & Jones your go-to when it comes to real estate in New South Wales and Queensland.

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